n. The state of being various or manifold.

What is Multiplicity?

We research & tailor approaches to encourage critical thought.

On Campus

Multiplicity provides a closed-access social media portal for institutions dedicated to multiplicitous activities. From human rights organizations to campus lecture series, we provide the tools and resources to ensure institutional sustainability. Multiplicity connects your organization with others in your area to share resources, get advice, run student exchanges, and help with financial resources. Joining is free-- just reach out for access in New England.

In the Office

Multiplicity provides corporate workshops that give employees the tools to create an inclusive, professional work environment. The best organizations have teams that want to work together, rather than having to. Multiplicity's workshops train employees in critical thinking, constructive criticism, and productive emotional disengagement so that teams are excited to tackle their next project together. Multiplicity takes a data driven approach to creating our workshops, using qualitative and quantitative trend observations derived from our Portal. Click here to learn more.


Multiplicity publishes academic literature and op-eds relevant to evolving campus culture across New England and the United States.  Our goal is the study of campus culture from a sociological perspective, documenting student, faculty, and administrative research in a way the general public can engage with. If you have an op-ed you'd like to submit, please do so here.

Set up an Initial Consultation

Meet with Multiplicity staff, either in person or online. In a few clicks, you'll start down the multiplicitious path for your organization.

Multiplicity staff members are willing to travel at zero cost to any campus or workplace in New England to hold an academic consultation.


Farther away? Schedule an online video chat for the same high quality, data driven consultation-- and still for free.

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