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Multiplicity in the Workplace

Does your team struggle to:

  • Take criticism constructively?

  • Cooperate with each other?

  • Communicate clearly?

  • Maintain an inclusive workplace culture?

  • Hold meetings where everyone contributes?

Multiplicity can give your employees the tools they need to tackle these challenges, increasing job satisfaction and employee retainment.

Each of our workshops give your managers and employees the skills to achieve these goals. Multiplicity helps your team to Foster Engagement. As a non-profit, we run workshops at the lowest viable cost, and any profit is reinvested into educational opportunities for multiplicitous organizations.

Our singular goal is to improve your workplace culture, and we used proven methods to achieve this.


One Hour Session

  • $20 per employee

  • One, 1-hour session

  • Teaches 1 Multiplicity Skill of choice

  • Fantastic introduction to utilizes Multiplicity in the workplace.

Evening Session

  • $35 per employee

  • 3-hour long intensive session

  • Teaches 2-3 Multiplicity Skills to the point of mastery.

  • Skills are determined by an overarching goal, developed by management.

Day-Long Session

  • Contact us for pricing details.

  • 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM schedule

  • Catered lunch included

  • Address 2 overarching goals of your team.

  • Teaches 4-6 Multiplicity Skills to the point of mastery.

  • Includes one, 1-Hour Workshop at a later date, to help reinforce skills.

Initial & Followup

  • Contact us for pricing details.

  • 6, 1-Hour workshops over two months.

  • Initial analysis based on management consultations.

  • Custom scheduling strategy to effectively teach & implement multiplicity.

  • Long-term timeline to encourage skill adoption. 

  • Final report examining employee's exit survey trends, marking improvement over time and places for continued improvement.

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