Internships at Multiplicity is looking for a few interns! We're offering free training in social media management, graphic design, and op-ed writing during this pandemic. At most, five interns will be selected to join our nonprofit during their free time in quarantine. is a nonprofit focused on promoting cooperative communication in academic and corporate environments. We learn from the former to apply effectively and efficiently with the latter, using a data based approach to develop useful took kits and development guides. Find out more about us here.


Multiplicity is accepting internship applications for our internship program until 4/23/2020. Positions are filled on a rolling basis. This is a 6 week internship, intended to be completed during the rest of your Spring semester. If you are an undergraduate student, your end date can be shifted to accommodate your finals schedule.


General Qualifications

  • No experience required.

  • High school Juniors & Seniors, and undergraduate students are welcome to apply.

    • Note that the curriculum is adapted to maximize personal growth, based on ​ our interns' prior experience.

    • If you are a 9th or 10th grader interested in applying, please reach out directly to with relevant experience and a sample of your writing before applying.

  • Must be willing to work about 10 hours a week.

  • Must be willing to meet for remote training sessions twice a week for 30 minutes to 1 hour at a time.

  • Must have excellent communication skills.

  • Please note that this is an unpaid internship for a non-profit organization.

    • Also note that this does not require any materials from interns. All software (subscriptions and licenses) are paid for by Multiplicity, to be used by interns.


Open Internship Positions:


Social Media Assistant


Do you spend most of your time scrolling through social media feeds, and want to turn it into professional experience? We could use your help!


Social media assistants at receive training in how best to manage a corporate social media feed. We'll show you how to:

  • Define an audience.

  • Run market research.

  • Deploy social media advertisements.

  • Utilize statistics to determine post and advertisement efficacy.

  • Create and implement a social media campaign.


Useful skills

No experience is required, but it's useful if you have the following qualifications:

  • A basic understanding of statistics*, either as a class or having learned it from other STEM courses/jobs.

  • Proficiency in using a computer/laptop with Chrome/Firefox and browser add-ons.

  • Experience using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


*Though it's not required that you have experience in statistics, you must have basic proficiency in probability (Algebra II or higher) in order to be successful in this position.


Graphic Design Assistant


Have an eye for colors or enjoy selecting fonts? Learn the basics of graphic design, and how it's applied in a corporate setting.


Graphic Design assistants are given prompts to complete, creating still images, documents, and basic animations to promote Multiplicity materials. Graphic Design Assistants on one day edit a photo to accompany a blog post, and on another implement our brand kit to craft a stylish brochure. Working as a graphic design intern helps you build your professional portfolio in this field.


Useful Skills

No experience is required; everything can (and will!) be taught to you in-depth. However, having some of these skills can be very useful:

  • Experience with GIMP, Canva, Icons8, Inkscape, and Google Suite (Google Drive file management, Google Docs, and Google Sheets specifically).

  • Basic HTML skills and/or an understanding of website structure.

  • Experience with Wix and other website building platforms (Wordpress, Hubspot, Google Sites).

  • Experience with Mailchimp and Gmail.


Op-ed Writers


Do you feel passionately about human rights? Freedom of speech? Fairness and equity? Do you keep up to date on politics, technology, pop culture, or anything in-between? If any of this describes you, we could use your help writing op-eds!


Op-ed Writers help build up their writing portfolio, work with editors, and help Multiplicity's audience stay involved with relevant news. We're looking for passionate wordsmiths convey multiplicitous stories to our readers.


Useful skills

No experience is required; everything can (and will!) be taught to you in-depth. However, having some of these skills can be very useful:

  • Excellent writing displaying proficient English.

  • Passion about a given subject (whether that's the news, art, science, or otherwise).

  • A great attention to detail.

  • Proficiency with LibreOffice and/or Google Docs.


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