Our Mission

Startup Phase

Spring 2020

To do this, we begin in New England-- an area primed for a multiplicitous movement. Here is a concentration of hundreds of undergraduate and university programs with students who are sick of censorship, hypersensitivity, and constant protests.

In February of 2020, Multiplicity is running alpha testing for the Multiplicity Portal, while signing up beta tester organizations. Multiplicity staff are traveling across New England to interview, validate, and recruit these organizations. Multiplicity staff are also finalizing corporate programming details, and running initial consultations for summer workshops.

From March to May, 2020, Multiplicity initializes the Beta Portal run. This is the first real-world test of the Multiplicity Portal, and will be closely watched for functionality improvements, forum integration, collaboration rates, and organization developmental research. During this period, Multiplicity will formalize an intense sociological study of these organizations’ developmental history using data generated by The Portal, creating guides for future organizations to follow in establishment efforts.

Summer 2020

Multiplicity will hire their President full time as they enter Version 1 of the Multiplicity Portal. Beta testing will conclude late May, and Version 1 users will be introduced into the New England Multiplicity Consortium (in addition to current Beta test organizations) during the first week of June.

Multiplicity will publicly release developmental startup guides for multiplicitous organizations, at the initial conclusion of their Beta test research. At this time, Multiplicity begins to run at full capacity:

  • Constant improvement of the Multiplicity Portal.

  • Continued development of corporate programming based on exit surveys, office cultural audits, and Portal data.

  • Running Multiplicity Corporate Programming to help students who have not received multiplicitous collegiate experiences succeed in the workplace.

  • Advocacy for multiplicitous learning environments at colleges.

  • Helping new organizations receive administrative, faculty, and student support both in person and via development guides.

  • Identification of resource and academic multiplicitous organizations, followed by incorporation into the New England Multiplicity Consortium.

  • Publication of multiplicitous programming and experiential references.

  • Gathering together academics for the Multiplicity Academic Conference (November 2021).


In 5 Years

By 2025, we believe Multiplicity will be established enough for expansion. Depending on how the campus climate changes during the next several years, Multiplicity will expand either to California or Texas (both areas which currently have a high number of colleges and reports of intolerant, censored educational systems). At this time, a regional director will be appointed to continue managing the New England Multiplicity Consortium, while Multiplicity’s President will establish a new consortium in the selected state.

Why a non-profit?

Our hope, eventually, is to no longer exist. If every college in the United States has a multiplicitous organization, then any collaboration across campuses will accomplish the same as Multiplicity. Currently the average institution does not have this feature, and thus Multiplicity.io is essential.


Similarly, Multiplicity’s Corporate Programming is not sold as a product, but as a necessity. Even when every campus values multiplicity in the future, they will have been several generations of college graduates without such an education. By offering our Corporate Programming at cost, we aim to help as many workplaces as possible. Once American office culture has shifted to one that values multiplicity, Multiplicity should no longer be necessary.


Our goal, first and foremost, is to help people stop arguing and start working together. We believe that with enough hard work and dedication, Multiplicity’s staff will be successful in reuniting the majority of Americans.

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