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Multiplicity is an initiative started by young, passionate women at Wellesley College. Though anyone is welcome to join our efforts, we strive to maintain a multiplicitous group of young people who have the most recent experiences in our university system.

Feel free to reach out to any of our team members with concerns, questions, or opportunities to foster engagement.

Multiplicity Team Members

Kaila Webb

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Founder & President of Multiplicity.

Wellesley College, '20

Chinese & Environmental Studies Double Major with a focus in Health and Communication

Kaila Webb founded Multiplicity after a long search for academic integrity at her college and others. Though she found the Wellesley College Freedom Project, she recognized the need for more resources and collaboration between sister organizations in New England. After attending similar institutions at Stanford, Harvard, and others, she put her energy into  a concerted  effort that would become Multiplicity.

Ana Rijal

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Board Member

Wellesley College '21

Psychology Major

As a former fellow and current senior fellow of the Freedom Project at Wellesley College, Ana id dedicated to promoting Multiplicity. Her study of psychology and group dynamics provides a unique perspective on why multiplicity is currently limited, and how organizations can be set up to succeed.

Maya Rubin

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Clerk & Intern

Wellesley College, '22


Maya Rubin is a sophomore at Wellesley College. She was an Adam Smith Fellow at the Freedom Project, Wellesley’s multiplicitous institution, in 2018-2019, and a Senior Fellow and Seminar Coordinator in 2019-2020. As Seminar Coordinator, she educated other students on the importance of ideological diversity, and discussed a variety of freedom-related topics. She has also worked with Index on Censorship and the National Coalition on Censorship in their Free Speech is for Me program. Outside of free speech, Maya is involved in college and high school debate, and enjoys incorporating the debate tactics she teaches into campus free speech activism.

Christine Jin

Chief Technology Officer

Wellesley College '21

Computer Science & English Double Major

Helps develop the web portal for multiplicity to facilitate communication and events among its organizations. Freelance web developer, part time music producer and stand up comedian.

Marin Moore

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Treasurer & Assistant

Wellesley College '22

Economics major & Jewish Studies minor

 Engages in multiplicitous communities on campus, especially those she disagrees with. Loves numbers, and frequently helps people with their taxes for fun (and for free). From Closter, New Jersey. Quote: "Being challenged in the same way isn’t being challenged at all” .

129 Newbury St.

2nd Floor

Boston, MA 02116



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