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Kaila Webb here, President and Founder of Multiplicity. I've always been pretty data hungry. My research on the opioid academic focused on picking out trends others had ignored in Massachusetts. For every conference and workshop I've run, I've given exit surveys to my participants. So when I run the data again or plan another event, I know exactly what to improve, how to do so, and what results to expect.

Anecdotal evidence can be a powerful tool for shaping cultures. Someone's story will go viral online, be broadcast by cable news, and move millions. But when deciding what approach to take when tackling problems, I'm a fierce believer in listening to the numbers. When looking at a problem, the multiplicitous approach says to listen to those that disagree with me and understand the facts behind their reasoning. When looking at a data set, I'm always searching for the point that proves me wrong, and using it to make the next run even better.

I've founded Multiplicity with data in mind. Our Portal is used to consolidate multiple organization's experiences into something that can be understood and replicated anywhere. Behind the scenes, people trained in statistics analyze the trends and report back with their findings.

But how do we define multiplicitous success when we see it? That's what the publishing arm of Multiplicity is for.

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