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Free access to a community of Multiplicit organizations, across New England. Share resources, get development advice, exchange students, and make a permanent difference on your campus.

Stop running back and forth

Before The Multiplicity Portal, the only way to find similar organizations was to invest thousands of dollars into attending conferences, and hours scouring the web for contact information.

The Multiplicity Portal provides a directory of organizations around you that promote multiplicity, with built-in collaborative functionality. Save time and conserve resources, for free.

Get the support you need

The Multiplicity Portal not only connects you with other organizations, but provides leads for funding sources, student internships, and developmental guides.

Joining the Multiplicity portal also increases event attendance, spreading visibility to groups of students, faculty, and administrators with a declared interest in multiplicity.

Frequently asked questions

How do I join?

Multiplicity is a closed access social media platform. To gain access for your organization, sign up for an in-person initial consultation above.

What kind of organizations can join?

The Multiplicity Portal focuses on providing a platform for academic organizations. However, you can also sign up for access if you are an organization tangentially related to multiplicitous efforts:

  • Publications that focus on multiplicity in academia. Examples: academic journals, op-ed magazines, etc.
  • Organizations offering multiplicitous student opportunities (jobs, internships, research positions). Example: human rights organizations, academic freedom publications, etc.
  • Foundations that contribute to multiplicitous organizations.

How much does it cost to join?

Joining the Multiplicity portal is completely free. Our goal is to research and tailor approaches to encourage critical thought, first and foremost. As a non-profit with this goal, Multiplicity does everything at cost, and provides the Multiplicity Portal for free.

Will my organization become publicly associated with Multiplicity?

No. Multiplicity is a private social media platform. There are no public directories of organizations that join The Multiplicity Portal.

Does my organization need to be connected with a college directly?

No. Organizations on the Multiplicity Portal are vetted for sustainability, and given the tools they need to become permanent fixtures of their communities. Though it can be helpful, Portal admittance does not require your organization to be formally associated with any host institution.

I have more questions. How do I get in touch?

Email to get directly in contact with a staff member at Multiplicity. We're more than happy to send an email with more details, or have a quick chat over the phone.

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